Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Finding New Life in Our New Home (March Synchroblog)

Last night was the final time we would be in our old house. The inspectors finally came to approve our move out, after a few weeks of lost paperwork, lost checks, and missed appointments. Even then the process was less than smooth and it was a few more hours before we received our cash for keys check and were able to be completely done with the foreclosure on the old house.

As we left what had been our home for the last several years, we tried to remember the good memories, the memories of children being born, our two middle sons were both born at home, in this house. Memories of children learning to walk and talk, of having bar-b-ques with our friends. Of opening our house to families in need and coming to learn what home really is. We tried to forget the last year of falling behind on payments, of collection calls, of one failed attempt after another to refinance, of dreams and hopes lost.

Today was a beautiful mostly sunny day, the children were able to play outside in the new back yard, we were able to sit on our new deck, and look at the fruit trees in the back yard as they begin to form buds. Today we remember that we cannot dwell on those things that are past, whether good or bad, but we must each day try to find the good. We wake each morning looking to God to lead us into new experiences, and know that He is still with us here as we make new memories in a new place. We look at the coming of the spring and know that our lives are in a way beginning again here, and we look for the good.

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  1. What a poignant reflection in the midst of a disappointing end and beautiful new season! Thank you so much - enjoyed this writing.

    1. Thank you, Sarah, for following our story. We appreciate the kind words.

  2. I've been studying the book of Ruth - and struck that the losses and disappointments in Moab paved the way for a new life in Bethlehem. Not that your old home was Moab - it sounds like God used that in many ways. But sometimes it takes loss, even what looks like failure, to shake us loose from a place we love and make us ready to see God at work in a new place, in a new way. Our family experienced a similar time of change -loss of a well-loved home and community as God led us into something difficult and new. I look back and give thanks for the way He used the change for good in all of us - even though, at the time, it was one of the hardest things we'd ever faced. I pray God's blessing for you and your family as you explore this new life!

    1. Hi Carol, I tried to reply to your comment the other day, but had issues with my blogger account. I appreciate your encouraging words. You are absolutely right about this experience "shaking me loose" from what is comfortable and allowing me to see God in different ways. It has been amazing the number of people with similar experiences that I have run into. I would not have had the opportunity to love them in quite the same way without having walked here too. That is just one example of where I have seen God in this experience. I am sure there will be many more as we continue to follow Him through this.