Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Social Justice or Social Programs (Oct Syncroblog)

-"Our country spends more money on the poor than ever before in history and yet we have more people who are poor and homeless than ever before in our history, social justice doesn't work."-

You could see the emotion in my friend's face as he looked across the table, expecting that this statement would bring the conclusion of our discussion. After all, how can you argue with facts, right? Unfortunately for him, this was not the first time I had encountered this argument. After six years of street ministry I have plenty of practice answering similar questions of why this program or that program has not "fixed" the problem of poverty, hunger, or homelessness.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Winter Coat Drive

Once again it is time for the temperature to start falling and along with it, the white stuff we all love so much. While many of us enjoy the snow and cold, for those without homes and heat, it can be a truly dangerous. Each year the Men and Women of Praise Motorcycle Ministry along with More Than A Meal and other ministries collect and distribute directly to those in need winter clothing items and warm blankets.
  • Winter Coats any size (adult men is the biggest need)
  • Knit Caps or hats 
  • Warm Gloves
  • Wool or Heavy Socks
  • Boots 
  • Warm Blankets or Sleeping Bags
  • any other item that may help (hand warmers, lamp oil, Coleman propane etc)
You can drop these items off at
  • Bikers Church at 1110 E Fillmore on Saturday Nights
  • More Than A Meal - Antlers Park Saturday Morning @ 8:30
  • Fellowship Bible - 5590 N Nevada Church Sundays or Office hours during the week. 
  • Email us to arrange a pick up hisurbanpresence@gmail.com
Please also feel free to join us Saturday mornings at Antler's Park (behind the  Wells Fargo Building on Cascade) @ 8:30 to help distribute these items to those in need.

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