About His Urban Presence

His Urban Presence is all about being intentionally incartnational. What does that mean? That means we are serious about finding real, here and now, flesh and blood ways to demonstrate the love of God to people that otherwise might never know that love. We do that imperfectly, and sometimes we fail altogether, but we wake up every day asking God to help us to reveal His true heart to someone that we encounter that day. We don't keep a log of how many souls we "save" or how many people "make decisions" for Jesus through our ministry. Our hope and prayer is that each and every person we come into contact with leaves that encounter being drawn nearer to the loving Creator-God. For some, this may be bringing them closer to the place where they begin a relationship with God, for others, it may actually be the beginning of that relationship, and for those already in relationship with God we pray that our interactions draw them deeper into that relationship. Our heart for this blog is to be a place where people can get information about the ministries we are involved in as well as find ways to become involved themselves.

We welcome guest bloggers who would like to write posts as long as you meet the following guidelines.
  • Posts should be about incarnating Christ to your community or ministering to marginalized people. 
  • Posts should be encouraging and non-condemning and grace-based.
  • Posts should not include a large number of external links.
  • Posts should include short Author biography
  • Posts may be linked to Author's blog

If you would like to write a blog post about incarnational living or share a ministry opportunity, please contact me. hisurbanpresence@gmail.com

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