Monday, March 10, 2014

Embracing Change - MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!

        I have never really liked changes. I am a creature of habit and truth be told, I really like for things to continue on as they have been. In the last few weeks since we have moved houses, I have found myself more than once taking the road to my old house only to realize that I am going in the exact opposite direction of our new home. I like to develop routines, and I now have to drive an extra 15 minutes each way to work. This means getting up earlier. This also means finding a new morning coffee stop along the new route to work. All of these changes have resulted in me having a pretty lousy attitude about going to work for the last few weeks, like I said, I really don't like change.
        Unfortunately, as our family begin to recover from the turmoil of this latest period of transition and reestablish new routines, we are looking at some more, even potentially bigger changes. Many of the things that we have had as part of our routine for the last several years are going to change and many of the things we have looked to for stability are going to be challenged. Not liking change, and knowing that these decisions would change nearly everything for our family, we have been seeking God's direction through prayer and counsel for nearly a year, and we are finally ready to move.
        Most of you who read this blog know of our ministry, and most of you know that we have supported out ministry work over the last several years through our work as the owners of a granite counter top company. Over the last few years, it has become apparent to Karen and I that we really needed to decide between the business or the ministry as we felt we could not continue to do both well. After much prayer and hours of talking with friends and family, we have made the decision to move toward leaving the company and entering into ministry work on a full time basis.
        So, as of now, we have set a goal of either selling or closing our business by June of 2016, and we have applied to become a missionary project under the Joy to the World Foundation. We are trusting that as we step out in faith, God will provide ministry partners and support to meet all the needs of this ministry. We have an official Launch date!!!!! We will be going live with a new website that includes links to the ministries we partner with, along with a list of partnership opportunities from volunteering to monthly financial support. The website address will be officially announced on our blog, and our Facebook pages on Friday, March 21st.

        We really Believe that the work we do is important, it is important to our local communities, to our city, our state, and ultimately, it is important to the Kingdom of God, and we need your help getting the word out. If you are on facebook, and you have not liked our page yet, you can do that by going to His Urban Presence Facebook page, and clicking on the like button. We ask that you also consider sharing out page by inviting your friends to like this page as well.
        Also, starting in March we will be sending out our first of hopefully many quarterly newsletters by e-mail. These newsletters will let ministry partners and supporters know about recent events, changes, and updates and will be e-mailed out to anyone who requests them. If you would like to receive our newsletter, please send an email to and be sure to put "Newsletter" in the subject line.

And be sure to check our blog and Facebook pages on Friday, March 21st to be part of the official launch of our new website.
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  1. We will be praying for you and your family that God will open meny doors for you