Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Note to My Younger Self (June Synchroblog)

This year marked the 19th year since my graduation from Laramie High School, in the little town of Laramie, Wyoming. This year also marked the graduation of one of our best friends sons and his moving out into the world to find his own place. One of the gifts that Jon's dad and mom gave him for his 18th birthday was letters of advice from some of the adult men in his life. These letters contained words of wisdom that they had gained from their own experience as well as advice for his life going forward. As I wrote my letter, I found myself wishing that I had had the opportunity to read these letters myself 19 years ago. Since this months synchroblog is all about writing a letter to our former self, I decided that I would recreate the letter that I wrote to Jon.

As you grow into adulthood, you will receive advice from a lot of people. Some people will tell you that choosing a career is important. Some will even tell you that finding "God's Will" for your life is the most important thing. You will get a lot of advice and it will be mostly about getting to a goal, or some idea of success, all with the aim of avoiding failure.

My advice to you is going to be a little different. I want to tell you that failure, at least as most people see failure, is nothing to fear, or even avoid. YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL! You will try different jobs, and you will not be successful at all of them. You may go to school, and like a lot of people(myself included) drop out, or end up with a degree that you will never use. You will seek God's Will for your life, and you will not always get it right. my advice, the most important thing I have to tell you is this: YOU WILL FAIL, AND FAILURE IS OK. FAILING DOES NOT MAKE YOU A FAILURE. 

Living your life to avoid failure is the surest way to miss God's best for your life. I am not saying that you should try to fail, but I assure you that failure is no threat to those who embrace their true identity in Christ. So live your life, embrace your passions, be who you were created to be, seek God's will in everything you do, but do not allow fear of failure to prevent you from becoming all that God has planned for you. 

Your Friend, 

Edwin "FedEx" Aldrich

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    1. Great word! I'm sure Jon was as glad to hear these words as we would have been at his age. Thanks for sharing with us....

    2. yeah, what would life be without the failures we go through? Can you imagine how you would be today if you had never gone through the failures you did? When I think of it for myself, I shudder.

      Great post!

    3. How powerful would it be if we could understand that failure is ok when we were just beginning to enter the big, wide world on our own!?! Great advice/insight.

    4. I've come to see that my failures are God's invitations to trust more deeply and become more available to alternative priorities. The most important crossroads in my life were all precipitated by failure - and I praise God for them all. Your post is a powerful reminder of that reality.